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Preparing for Labor Dispute: Dec. 20 Response Not Positive

As previously reported, responses were expected December 20th from three schools regarding the union’s inquiries. None of the responses from Doshisha Shotobu, DISK, or Doshisha Kori demonstrated any inclination towards resolving or improving the issues. General Union is accordingly initiating preparations for a labor dispute.

Doshisha’s disregard for legal obligations unacceptable

As we have previously reported, the “representatives” elected in the employee representative elections within Doshisha Corporation’s universities and schools are illegitimate.

The rules used by Doshisha state that “Those who do not cast a vote are considered to have voted in favor of the candidate.” However, this violates the democratic procedures outlined by the government and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Agreements signed by unqualified employee representatives are void, and many universities and schools within Doshisha Corporation are currently in an illegal “non-negotiated state,” making overtime assignments a violation of labor standards.

General Union plans to therefore submit invoices to Doshisha on behalf of employees who wish to receive overtime pay. To be included in these demands, you must provide your contact information via the following link:

General Union strongly condemns Doshisha Corporation’s blatant disregard for the law, which has led to this abhorrent situation. We demand the prompt and lawful selection of employee representatives in line with the criteria established by the law, within each school as well as in the corporation at large.

If Doshisha Corporation does not rectify the illegal situation on its own, the issue will be escalated to the Labour Standards Inspection Office, increasing the severity of the problem the longer normalization is delayed.

The door to negotiations remains open!

General Union welcomes proposals to resolve issues from each of the three divisions. In the event of a labor dispute, the specific issues at each school will become widely known, and public opinion will undoubtedly pass its own judgment on Doshisha Corporation.

The Situation at Shotobu

Concerns about fair wages at Doshisha International Academy. General Union is investigating these claims; if confirmed, we will file a complaint with the Labour Standards Inspection Office for violation of labor standards.

Individuals who believe they may be affected are encouraged to contact the union.

Concerns at Kori

Instead of responding to union demands, Doshisha Kori Junior High School & High School has instead unilaterally reduced the assigned classes (koma) for part-time lecturers, union members on unlimited term contracts. This flagrant violation of the law worsens the livelihoods of our members.

Similar legal battles against arbitrary unit reductions for part-time workers on unlimited term contracts are taking place across the country, and we are preparing for the next phase alongside them.