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Meet Your General Union Representatives


Toshiaki Asari 浅利 俊明



I was asked to join the General Union by the late Mr. Katsuji Yamahara while I was dealing with the issues of foreign workers in Takatsuki City in 2015. Since then, I have been spending my days doing new and rewarding work.

Let’s work together to make the General Union bigger, stronger, and more useful as a “tool” to protect and expand the rights of our members and fellow workers, and to improve their lives and workplaces.

Vice Chair・副委員長

Fred Henley ヘンレイ・フレッド

I grew up and went to university in California. I had little work in the United States and it is accurate to say that my professional life has been lived solely in Japan thus far. However, some things are exactly the same between Japan and the US. For example, greedy bosses willing to break labor laws and vulnerable workers who are unaware of labor laws in the first place. The General Union is hard at work fixing that abusive relationship and I am happy to be a part of the effort. 

General Secretary・書記長

Dennis Tesolat テソラット・デニス

I came to Japan in 1994 and joined the union in 1995 while I was working at GEOS. Long story short, I was dismissed after organising the union and after a long dispute and court case which we won, I was able to move on. I have a passion for workplace organising as the foundation of our union.

I have worked at the union as either a full timer or part timer since 1996 and I love the work that I do. Building a strong union is something that I believe in and hope that you will join with me and others to protect workers rights and build a better future for everyone.


Joseph G. ジョゼフ G.

I got involved because I wanted to help people and give something back to the community. I stay involved because I have seen what a big difference the GU makes in ensuring fair treatment and dignity to so many workers all over Japan.




Assistant General Secretary・書記次長

Joslyn ジョスリン

Thanks to union action I was able to improve my working conditions alongside my fellow union members. Now, I want to give more of my time to the General Union in return for all of the support they offer me. I’m excited to use my talents to support the union and my fellow workers in Japan.


Executive Officer・執行委員

Aaron Taylor アーロン・テイラー

I joined the Union for two basic reasons. The first reason is due to the NUMEROUS problems I encountered at my first employer in Japan. The second reason is that I wanted a way to stand up for myself and my fellow workers against the multitude of illegal practices by not just my former employer, but by any future employer as well. 




Executive Officer・執行委員

Simon Cole サイモン・コール

I’m a founder member of the union and have been an Executive Committee member since its foundation. I’m presently teaching part-time at Kindai University and a member of the Kindai branch. I’ve also been responsible for the last few years of running GU new member orientations and also working on the union’s Solidarity Committee. I look forward to playing an active role on the GUEC and GU activities in the next year.



Executive Officer・執行委員

Charles Magne シャルル・マー二ユ

I joined the GU in 2012.Today, unions are more important to working people than ever.  During the crisis, the GU has been able to secure enhanced safety measures, additional premium pay, paid sick time, and work-share arrangements to save jobs. By joining together with our coworkers, we gain bargaining power to negotiate for a better life and a voice on the job.

Executive Officer・執行委員

Keith Gerrard ジェラード ・キース

I’m an ALT in Miyazaki City. I want to contribute to communities in-person and online while I live in Japan. That includes supporting the union movement. Let’s organise, collaborate, and make our work safe, secure, and creative.



Joseph Mc Vay ジョセフ・マクヴエイ

I have been a member for over 10 years. During that time I was Berlitz Branch chair and worked to negotiate better pay and working conditions for our members. Now that I have retired from full time work I would like to remain useful to the GU and auditing the financial statements is one way I can still make a small contribution.