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Want to join other activists in Japan working to improve their industries and support the wider labor moment? Then get involved with some of the General Union committees!

Email for more information. 

Filipino Organizing Committee

With the ever growing Filipino population in Japan, especially as ALTs, this committee hopes to put special efforts into improving the working lives of this community through organising and education.

LGBTQ+ & Gender Parity Committee

Work with fellow activists and union members on ways we can tackle LGTBQ+ and gender issues in the workplace. 

Solidarity Committee 

Work with fellow members and activists from the larger labor movement to show solidarity and support for other workers’ movements in Japan and the rest of the world. 

Workplace Organizing 

Work with fellow members in your workplace and industry to find the best method to tackle your workplace problems. Work together to get more workers in your industry/workplace into the union. The more members we have, the greater our power for change. 

Email for more information.