Welcome International Schools Teachers & Staff: Open employment rights seminar

Sunday, 10 September at 16:00 via ZOOM! All Welcome!

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The General Union is hosting this open seminar to address critical issues within the international school community, shedding light on misconceptions that have been perpetuated, often by international schools (IS) themselves, and providing essential information for employees.

In the IS community, there exists a prevalent belief that Japanese law does not apply, leading to practices governed by “how things are done in international schools.”

Moreover, we aim to tackle the challenges arising from the requirement of Principal/Head of School references when transitioning to another institution, a process that can be daunting and prone to issues such as harassment and lack of transparency. The close-knit nature of the community also amplifies concerns, as reputations can be swiftly tarnished, impacting career trajectories. By delving into these unique obstacles, we seek to empower workers with accurate knowledge and insights, fostering a stronger, more informed IS community.

We will be debunking many of the myths surrounding employment at IS in Japan and clarifying your rights.

Insurance Misconceptions:

  • Requirement of Japanese National Insurance enrollment
  • Issues faced by union members due to lack of enrollment
  • Exploring additional international insurance

Labor Law Application:

  • Labor laws apply to all workers, regardless of status
  • Confidentiality clauses do not prevent seeking legal advice
  • Rights under Trade Union Law: forming, belonging, bargaining, striking

Unlimited Term Contracts (UTCs):

  • Right to switch to UTC after 5 years of employment
  • Benefits of UTCs: flexible quitting, protection against changes, job security

Come on out and learn how you can protect your rights, either as an individual, or along with your co-workers, by joining a trade union.

See you there.

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