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Coming soon to Doshisha Corporation: Collective Bargaining

Will there be legal compliance, or dispute escalation?

General Union has submitted six demands, including rectifying illegal employee representative elections, to Doshisha Corporation and requested collective bargaining. A response is expected shortly, and negotiations will be held based on the response. We hope that Doshisha will take proactive measures to rectify legal violations and resolve various issues. We are ready to cooperate towards this end. However, if Doshisha remains passive or negative about these matters, the escalation and intensification of the dispute are inevitable. General Union is prepared for both negotiation and confrontation.

Working overtime? GU to submit demands

As previously reported, many schools with Doshisha School Corporation do not have legally valid “overtime agreements.” These schools are obligated to retroactively pay overtime premiums for hours worked beyond 8 hours a day for the past three years. Thanks to the efforts and cooperation of the General Union, schools will soon receive demands for unpaid overtime compensation. If the schools refuse to pay, the matter will be brought to the Labor Standards Inspection Office.

Unfair labor practices last month at Shotobu

At Doshisha Shotobu, all employees can participate in the board of directors meetings. In spite of this, the school principal and other attempted to exclude a General Union member’s participation in the board meeting in February. This blatant anti-union action demonstrates unfair labor practices at Shotobu.

As reported in a previous issue, Shotobu has already engaged in unfair labor practices by refusing to document agreements reached during collective negotiations last year. The compensation that Doshisha School Corporation and Doshisha International Department must pay has increased further.

Protest action from General Union and supporting labor unions

On February 14th at the Imadegawa Campus and on March 11th at the gates of Doshisha Kori Junior and Senior High School, protest actions were conducted by General Union and supporting labor unions.
General Union seeks to rectify and improve legal violations by both employers and workers. We will continue protests in various locations and advance through various forms of struggle, including legal actions. We will transform the support from those working at Doshisha and even those far from Doshisha into the strength of our struggle, advancing with ingenuity.

Download/View the PDF of Issue 7