Fighting for Fair Compensation: A Member’s Battle Against a 20% Pay Cut

At the heart of the General Union’s ongoing battle for workers’ rights lies the story of one member’s courageous fight against unjust treatment. Our member, a dedicated educator at Miyazaki International University (MIU), found herself at the center of a contentious legal dispute over a drastic 20% pay cut imposed solely because of her age.

Having faithfully served MIU for over two decades, our member had consistently earned commendable reviews for her teaching prowess, dedication to service, and contributions to research. However, the landscape of her English-teaching Liberal Arts department underwent significant shifts, with the emergence of a tenured Japanese faculty department gradually marginalizing her English-teaching division..

In recent years, MIU’s managing body, MEI, made a controversial decision to slash the pay of contract faculty aged 60 and above. This decision left her earning less than she did over two decades ago when she first embarked on her teaching journey at MIU. Challenging MEI’s decision in court, our member encountered resistance and misleading arguments. MEI’s stance was uncompromising, suggesting resignation as the only alternative to accepting the pay cut. Collective bargaining efforts were met with inadequacy from MEI, necessitating legal intervention to uphold workers’ rights and fair treatment.

Throughout this ordeal, our member found solace in the unwavering support of colleagues and sympathetic deans within her department. However, their influence proved limited against MEI’s institutional directives, which prioritized increased expectations while diminishing faculty numbers. As the General Union stands in solidarity with our member and all workers facing similar challenges, we echo her call for justice and fairness in the workplace. Together, we continue to advocate for meaningful change, ensuring that no worker is subjected to unjust treatment or arbitrary pay cuts based on age. Join us in this crucial fight for workers’ rights and dignity.