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ACTION COMMENCES: Shotobu kickoff, Main Campus to follow

Next protest planned for this Valentine’s Day 14 February, 13:00 start, Doshisha Imadegawa Main Campus

Illegal worker representative elections persist at Doshisha Corporation, where issues within its universities and schools face continued neglect.

Meanwhile, infractions of labor contract law continue at Doshisha University and Doshisha Women’s College, as they create rules to limit the employment of part-time lecturers to ten years. This contrasts with the law’s intention of securing continued employment for essential part-time lecturers.

The February 14 action protests the attitudes of Doshisha Corporation and its universities, aiming for a better Doshisha.

January 31: General Union and allies delivered a protest letter to Doshisha International Academy Elementary & International Schools.

Roughly twenty union members and supporters, including representatives from affiliate unions, protested at Doshisha International Academy, handing a letter to school representatives highlighting the school’s failure to address issues, including legal violations. The group later moved to Kintetsu Yamadagawa Station for leafleting, concluding the day’s action.

Actions will escalate if the school does not make a sincere effort to resolve their issues.

Doshisha workers are entitled to overtime pay!

Doshisha’s current employee representatives are legally invalid, meaning instructing employees to work overtime at the many universities and schools within Doshisha Corporation violates labor standards. The union intends to submit a bill to Doshisha for employees seeking overtime pay.

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