Show Some Love to Your Workers, Doshisha!

Feb 18, 2024

This Valentine’s Day, a dozen union members gathered at the main gates of Doshisha University to demand the corporation recognize the issues surrounding the employment of its workers!

At 13:00, union representatives approached the main gates of Doshisha University with three documents: A letter of protest each to Doshisha University and Doshisha Women’s College, and a letter of protest and demand for collective bargaining to School Corporation Doshisha.

We were met at the gates by the Chief and Personnel Section Officer of the General Affairs Department of Doshisha University, who escorted two of our representatives to the main office of Doshisha Women’s College to deliver our letters. Meanwhile, Doshisha teachers protested with signboards and leaflets at the gates themselves, raising awareness of the ongoing issues with the corporation as a whole.

Our current demands include allowing for the continued employment of part-time workers, holding legal worker representative elections, and payment of overtime – in short, making sure Doshisha Corporation is following the law!