The presentation covers rights and facts about Unlimited Term Contracts (UTCs) for university and private school teachers in Japan.

  • Article 18 of the Labor Contract Law allows workers to apply for a UTC after being on fixed-term contracts for over 5 years. Employers must accept the application.
  • Article 18 also protects working conditions during the transition to a UTC. Employers cannot unilaterally change conditions in a disadvantageous way.
  • Article 8 protects working conditions during the life of the contract. With an unlimited term contract, you don’t have to worry about changing working conditions between each contract. It is your right to agree or disagree to any changes.
  • Contrary to some employer claims, pay raises, bonuses, and other benefits can continue under a UTC.
  • The 5-year rule applies to most university part-time teachers. The 10-year exception claimed by some universities is narrow and doesn’t apply to most teachers.
  • UTCs don’t mandate retirement at a specific age. Retirement is set by separate employer regulations, not the UTC itself.
  • UTCs bring stability compared to fixed-term contracts that can have conditions changed annually.
  • Employers have spread misinformation about UTCs to dissuade applications. This presentation aims to provide facts on UTC rights and benefits.

If your employer tries to deny a UTC application or makes false claims about retirement ages, pay cuts, or other disadvantages, contact us immediately. As a union, we are here to protect your rights and make sure the facts about UTC benefits are clearly explained. Misinformation by employers should not deter you from obtaining the job security you deserve.

We fully support our members in applying for UTCs after 5 years of work. This contract conversion is your right under the law. Please reach out if you need any assistance or have questions during the UTC application process. As always, we aim to ensure all workers are treated fairly.