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5 December. Shotobu collective bargaining update

On 5 December, Doshisha Shotobu rejected the union’s demands for a new variable working hours system. However, they did express a willingness to explore measures aligned with the spirit of those demands. The union responded by urging the school to submit any concrete proposals for resolving the matter by 20 December. The absence of such proposals will be interpreted as the school’s final answer. With this deadline looming, the union will decide whether to continue negotiations or prepare for a potential labor dispute.

Talk is cheap! We demand DISK make a written agreement.

Following the 28 September collective bargaining session, the General Union and Doshisha International School Kyoto reached several agreements concerning the future of union members employed at the school which is scheduled to close in 2029. Labour law clearly outlines that the primary purpose of collective bargaining is the establishment of formal agreements between employers and unions. In keeping with this principle, the union requested a written confirmation of the agreed-upon points. However, the school has inexplicably refused to comply. The union views the school’s stance as detrimental to the purpose and function of collective bargaining, constituting a violation of the Trade Union Law and engaging in unfair labor practices. We have demanded that the school provide written confirmation by December 20th. Failure to do so will prompt the union to consider an unfair labour practices suit.

Who’s the workers rep??

While initially believed to be legitimate, the employee representative election at Doshisha Kori has revealed a troubling practice. Individuals who did not vote were considered to have cast a “YES vote” in favor of the employees representative candidate. This blatant disregard for basic election principles mirrors the questionable tactics employed at Doshisha International Academy, and all other Doshisha schools and universities.

Obey the law! No wage cuts!

As reported in the last issue, Doshisha Kori has stuck to their
position that, “While we understand the current situation is a deviation from acceptable practice, the only choice we have is to persuade you to accept the worsening of working conditions.” The union has answered clearly, “Unless the school submits a new proposal for addressing this issue by December 20th, the union will be forced to explore alternative measures.”

Download/View the PDF of Issue 4