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5 December. GU/Shotobu collective bargaining continues

As reported in the previous issue, the International Academy Elementary Division initially expressed their stance as “having no particular need for further negotiations”. However, in response to the union’s demands, they have agreed to collective bargaining on December 5th. We welcome this development and aim to reach an agreement through negotiations concerning the establishment of a reasonable flexible working hours system and the appropriate treatment of union members based on longstanding commitments. If there is no progress in negotiations by the end of the year, the union will begin preparations for strikes starting in 2024.

Don’t let Doshisha interfere in your right to be informed

Doshisha University finds itself entangled in various disputes with the General Union.

  • Protests against class cuts for part-time instructors at Doshisha Kori
  • Negotiations at Doshisha International Academy Shotobu for improved yearly working conditions
  • Union efforts to eliminate a ten-year employment limit at Doshisha University and Women’s College.
  • We are questioning the legality of worker representative elections that are conducted with no majority vote.

In order to keep employees informed,
the union has created this twice-monthly newsletter. Emphasizing the right to information, the union asserts the ability to distribute literature on campus without interference from the employer as supported by three Supreme Court decisions since the1970s. Reports have surfaced over the removal of union literature and management inquiries into information sources, raising concerns about [potential violations of workers’ rights.

Do those on unlimited term contracts need to accept worsening working conditions?

At Doshisha Kori Junior and Senior High School, the working conditions of union members with indefinite employment contracts were unilaterally reduced for the fiscal year2023 without their consent, and this abnormal situation persists. Article 8of the Labor Contract Act states, ‘Changes in working conditions are possible only with the agreement of both the employer and the worker.’
Even in recent negotiations, the school repeatedly expressed the view that while recognizing the current abnormality, they have no choice but to request understanding and agreement for the unavoidable reduction in working conditions.
Is this really the case? The union is conducting a thorough examination and will finalize its stance in the near future.

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