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The General Union gets many requests from Doshisha employees about things that need changing. If we don’t fight to make these changes, nothing will happen. Speak up now!

“No further negotiations are necessary.” What in the heck does that mean?

The General Union, which represents teachers at Doshisha International Academy Elementary School, is seeking to resolve a number of issues through negotiations with the school. However, the school has recently informed the union that it has “no further need for negotiations” at this time. This is a clear refusal to negotiate.
The union will continue to exercise its rights under the Labor Union Act to respond appropriately to the school’s attitude. The union will also continue to seek to resolve the issues through other means, such as through legal action.

No to class cuts for part-time teachers at Doshisha Kori

Non-regular teachers at Doshisha Kori have been contributing to the school for many years. As part-time teachers, they are paid by the class. For the past eight to nine years, the number of classes for each teacher has been pretty much steady. However, last year, the school announced that it would reduce the number of classes leading to a reduction in monthly wages. The reduction is expected to continue in the2024 academic year, resulting in a further wage reductions. The union argues that under the Labour Contract Law no reduction in the number of classes can be made without the consent of the teachers. The members are now meeting with lawyers to prepare a court challenge to these changes.

Is Doshisha really against job security for non-regular employees? We guess so!

In order to stabilize the employment of non-regular workers, including non-regular teachers, who now account for nearly 40% of all workers in Japan, the “unlimited term contract” system was implemented in2018. This system allows workers who have worked under a fixed-term contract for more than five consecutive years to convert their contract to an indefinite-term contract. However, Doshisha has a policy of limiting fixed-term contracts to five years. In addition, the university has a policy of allowing non-regular lecturers who started working after April 1, 2016, to work for up to 10 years, but they cannot convert to indefinite-term contracts. What does Doshisha have against job security for their non-regular and part-time employees?

Download/View the PDF of Issue 2