Uniting for Our Rights: Industrial Action Seminar Sets the Stage for Change at Berlitz

We find ourselves at a critical juncture where our demands for fair treatment and improved working conditions have been met with disappointment and disregard by the company. It is time to take a stand. To equip ourselves with the necessary tools to bring about the change we deserve, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming Industrial Action Seminar.

This event is of utmost importance, and we strongly urge you to mark your calendars for the 24 June at 20:00. Join us via Zoom to help ignite the spark of change that will have a significant impact on all employees.


Berlitz’s response to our reasonable demands has been unacceptable. Our proposals for base pay raises, one-time inflation bonuses, an increase in the age of retirement, evacuation and safety instructions, monitoring reductions, compensation for unpaid working time, and breaks between teaching units have all been met with a resounding “NO”.

The Industrial Action Seminar will serve as a rallying point, where we can arm ourselves with the knowledge and strategies needed to take effective action. We understand that not everyone may be experienced activists, and that is perfectly fine. This seminar is designed to empower and guide individuals who may be nervous or uncertain about engaging in industrial action. It will provide insights into various approaches and allow us to make informed decisions based on our comfort levels and personal circumstances.

The company’s refusal to address our concerns affects us all. By participating in the Industrial Action Seminar, we can learn from one another, share experiences, and find strength in our collective efforts. This seminar is not only about taking action but also about building solidarity and fostering a supportive community within our union.

We urge Berlitz members to prioritise attending this crucial seminar. Let us seize this opportunity to make a lasting impact, not just for ourselves, but for the generations of employees who will follow in our footsteps. Together, we can bring about the change we deserve.


Download the event flyer