NOVA Holdings’ Disheartening Priorities: Prioritizing Profits Over Teachers

Jun 21, 2023

NOVA has some urgent issues that need to be addressed. They claim to care about education, but what about their teaching staff — the ones who make their business thrive?

Let’s talk about the financial aspect. NOVA Holdings hasn’t raised employee pay or provided any help to cope with the increasing cost of living. Instead, NOVA increasingly relies on subcontractors who receive no social insurance benefits or paid time off allowing the company to save costs on these benefits. On top of this, students’ lesson prices are going up – making students and their families pay more, while those delivering the lessons are seeing less.

Yet, somehow they managed to find the cash to expand – acquiring GABA in late 2022, and in the last two months alone opening no less than three new learning centers, with plans to open more. It makes you wonder where their priorities lie. If they can invest in expanding, they can invest in their hardworking employees too.

Meanwhile, industries such as retail, IT, and many others, have given employees “inflation-relief bonuses” to help cope with the rising cost of living. It’s time for companies in the language education industry, including NOVA, to step up and minimally show the same level of care for their employees.

We’re calling on NOVA to acknowledge the importance of fair treatment and investment in its teaching staff. We demand that NOVA minimally provide its employees with inflation relief that reflects their dedication and helps alleviate the financial burden caused by rising costs. It’s a small but significant step that will make a real difference in the lives of NOVA employees.

Of course, encouraging NOVA to invest more in its teachers is just one step in supporting the wider industry. Join us in signing the petition below to show the language education industry that it’s time to prioritize the well-being of their employees. Together, we can make a change and ensure that everyone receives the fairness they deserve. Read and sign our inflation raise petition for NOVA & other language schools