Labor Update Bulletin #145 (08/2022)

Aug 6, 2022

This bulletin contains information on law changes, government discussions, court decisions, and other labor issues in Japan. We hope that some of this information will also be of interest to activists, supporters of the General Union, and those who want to know more about labor issues in general in Japan.

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In this bulletin…

  • “Disconnect between purpose and real situation”: Technical Intern system to be rethought after international criticism
  • Minimum sees record increase of 31: in response to skyrocketing prices, national average now 961
  • “Summary of Reiwa 3 [2021] Statistical Survey of Labor Disputes”, Aug. 2, 2022, MHWL
  • Overwork death recognized under new guidelines after 12 days of work in a row: manager at Softbank subsidiary
  • Riken layoffs: man in his 60s sues institute, says applying 10-year limit is “unfair”
  • World economy slows to 3.2% growth: inflation a burden; meanwhile Russia’s outlook revised upwards
  • Teaching careers losing popularity? Fewest ever licenses, under 200,000; junior-high and high-school see big decline

And more!

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