In Session at the Fukuoka Office: Labor Consultation Volunteer Training Course!

Oct 23, 2023 ,

The General Union’s Fukuoka Office recently organized its second Labor Consultation Volunteer Training Course on October 19th.

This action is a response to the increasing demand for labor unions and consultation services, particularly as the number of non-regular workers in Japan exceeds 20 million. General Union is committed to sharing its knowledge and experience with a diverse group of volunteers. Although sponsored by General Union, you do not have to be a member or intend to join in order to participate!

 The training course covers various aspects of labor and consultation services to equip volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge. The recent session focused on the social insurance system, differentiating between Social Insurance and the National Health Insurance and Pension schemes. It drew a diverse group of 15 participants ranging from their 30s to their 70s. The course comprises six sessions in total:

Session 1: (PAST) Paid Leave
Session 2: (PAST) Social Insurance and the National Health and Pension Insurance Schemes
Session 3:2PM to 4PM 11/23 (Holiday): Outsourcing and Employment Contracts
Session 4: Time & Date TBA: Assigned Tasks of Foreign Workers
Session 5: Time & Date TBA: On Harassment
Session 6: Time & Date TBA: Labor Law in Japan: Contracts, Unions, and Standards

These are hybrid sessions currently held in Japanese at the Fukuoka General Union Office or via Zoom, though English support is available as needed. The flexible format allows for broader participation, accommodating a variety of schedules and locations.

Instead of focusing on debating societal issues, the goal is to empower volunteers to analyze consultees’ situations accurately through effective information collection; simply sympathizing is not enough to help resolve a problem. Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive to those in need of labor consultation. We would like to share these essential roles of labor unions with volunteers across Japan, and expand the scope of labor union activity.

If you are interested in attending the Labor Consultation Volunteer Training Course, please contact General Union for more information ( ). We aim to share essential knowledge and skills related to labor consultation with volunteers across Japan and create a more supportive environment for those in need. Your participation can make a significant impact in expanding the reach of labor union activities. We look forward to working with you!