Do You Have a Copy of Your Contract and Working Regulations?

“Do you have a copy of your contract and working regulations?”

This question always comes before any member consultation can begin. It is astonishing that many workers do not have a copy of their work contract. Though less surprising, yet no less concerning, many workers also do not have a copy of their work regulations, and do not know where to find a copy even though employers by law must have these posted in an accessible location.

Not having access to a copy of both these important documents only serves the interest of employers. Workers often do not know what is in their own contracts, such as working hours and retirement age. Couple that with work regulations that may be inaccessible or difficult to find, and this can lead to employers being in a position to more easily circumvent their own regulations. Protect yourself and know where these important documents are located.

Do you have a copy of your contract?

Do you have a copy of your work regulations?