GU Sues Ecole Internationale Franco Japonaise – No employer Too Small or Too Far for us to Deal With!

The union has been trying to engage this Kanto employer in collective bargaining over the dismissal of a union member for many months now.

They have written to us explaining that AFTER hiring the member, they learned that she was not properly licensed and therefore had no choice but to end her employment. Unfortunately, they came across this information AFTER hiring the member for one year. They tend not to understand that it was their job to be properly informed and it wasn’t because our member hid any information in the interview. A contract is a promise!

Their lack of understanding also came out in their basic refusual to hold collective bargaining. We received long “stream of consciousness” emails about their mission, and how the GU was interfering in the realisation of their goals. Too bad that their clever emails didn’t have the advice of a lawyer who would have told them about their obligation under article 7 of the Trade Union Law to hold negotiations with the union.

Now, instead of having a civilized discussion via zoom to try to settle this problem, they will need to travel to Osaka and hire lawyers to solve a problem that could easily have been resolved. Money that could have gone to education and care for the students will now be wasted fighting with the union.

Our message to employers:
Don’t think that because you’re small, or because you’re not in Osaka you can get away with ignoring our basic trade union rights.
Refuse and we’ll force you to come to us to deal with the problem.
Negotiate in good faith, as required by the law, and things will go a lot smoother for you.