Workers at ECC Make Up One of General Union’s Largest Workplace Branches, and for Good Reason!

Feb 4, 2024

For over 20 years, ECC members have been fighting for benefits in the workplace. Some of the things we have won include:

  • Excused leave for sickness and bereavement – Taking leave for these reasons at ECC previously affected workers’ bottom line, as well as their possibility of being re-contracted. Thanks to the work of GU members, if you’re not feeling well, you can feel assured that taking a day off won’t affect your employment in the long run! Our members are currently working toward ensuring that you can take multiple days off in a row without needing to visit a doctor every time.
  • Employment Insurance – All ECC workers are now automatically enrolled in Employment Insurance. Once you have worked at the company for six months or more, you can feel assured that if you have any long-term illnesses or become unemployed, you will have a financial resource to fall back on! 
  • English pay slips – Navigating finances is hard enough without having to do so in Japanese! Thanks to GU members at ECC, pay slips are provided to English-speaking staff in English, so you are able to understand what each deduction is for.
  • Reduced rostered working days (EQ Days) – Your weekly days off should be free for you to use, and General Union ensures that as many of our members as possible are not required to work on their days off in place of a holiday. 

General Union has an agreement with ECC which allows us to introduce new Gaigo workers to our efforts, but Japanese workers and non-Gaigo employees don’t receive this benefit. Here’s how GU has helped non-Gaigo workers in 2023:

  • Winning better wages – The industry continues to show a downward trend on real wages that is steeper even than the one felt by the average worker in Japan. General Union regularly wins wage increases at ECC for its members to make the rising cost of living is less of a blow. 
  • Fight to keep hours from being cut – For part-time workers, money management can be a little touch-and-go. Right now, we are fighting at ECC subsidiary Yamaguchi Gakuen for the reinstatement of classes and wages cut from our member.
  • Support members when meeting with HR – Attending a meeting at the head office can be intimidating. ECC members can receive support from a General Union worker, either in-person or virtually, to help our members navigate an often stressful and daunting interaction. We take notes and ask questions, so you know that someone is on your side and guarantee you are being treated fairly!  

The workplace changes constantly, and General Union is there to make sure those changes benefit workers. Join us in the fight to improve working conditions at ECC, and ensure your voice is heard!