Collective Bargaining Underway with Wayfarer Hotels!

Oct 2, 2023

Wayfarer employees have made a strong start with General Union, getting the working regulations established at their company in just a few short months! Going forward, we have a number of issues to resolve:

  1. Even though the working regulations have been drafted and published, many employees don’t know what they are – or are even aware they exist! We want for all workers at Wayfarer to be aware of these rules, and are asking they be placed in a place that’s visible and accessible.
  2. Until now, workplace representative elections have been vague and made without a concrete understanding of the position. Let’s make sure the representative elections are held appropriately, with an understanding of what the position entails!
  3. Although commonplace for an employer to sponsor the visa of their full-time workers, Wayfarer has taken an unusual approach by involving lawyers and requiring employees to sign agreements to cover legal fees if they breach their contracts. We are demanding the withdrawal of this contract provision.
  4. Have you ever been on-call or worked a shift when the company wasn’t typically open for the day? Even during seemingly quiet hours, you’re expected to remain ready and professional in case your services are required – and should rightfully be compensated. Wayfarer currently doesn’t consider these hours as working hours, but we firmly believe they should be compensated in accordance with Labour Standards Law.
  5. “I will do whatever it takes to make my company win” is a vague obligation written into the contracts of Wayfarer Employees. While the inference is that they seek proactive and enthusiastic employees, it often translates to a desire for individuals who unquestioningly comply with every owner’s request. We demand the removal of this ambiguous rule from our members’ contracts.
  6. A contract is a contract, and the contents cannot be unilaterally changed; this is the law. Wayfarer has exhibited a troubling tendency to modify their employees’ contracts, such as extending probation periods or imposing position changes, without obtaining the signatory’s consent. This practice is simply unacceptable.
  7. Workers deserve the ability to plan their lives beyond their job. While the industry often demands flexible schedules, there’s a clear distinction between flexibility and undue control. Our members insist on a minimum of five days’ notice before the commencement of a work period to enable them to make reasonable plans.

This is just the beginning of our efforts to improve working conditions at Wayfarer Hotels. As the company continues to grow and evolve, we are committed to standing side by side with it to ensure that it becomes an outstanding place to work. We firmly believe that when the welfare of our workers is prioritized, the success of the company is assured!

Working at hotel and wondering if the General Union is for you? Think again. We are open to hotel workers and those in all industries.