Labor Update Bulletin #93 (08/2020)

Aug 15, 2020

In this bulletin…

  • Paternity leave to be established for husbands “directly after wife gives birth”, offering more generous benefits than childcare leave
  • MEXT issues notice on schooling support for children of foreign nationality, with consideration to entrance exams, etc.
  • Government considers extending special exemption for employment adjustment subsidy to October or later, due to lengthening coronavirus crisis
  • National government asked to make sure dispatch companies keep dispatch workers employed
  • “Terminated for unfair reason” – after-school care teachers file complaint at Labor Commission
  • Rapid rise in number of companies inviting early retirement, with full-timers included in cuts
  • Businesses asking about closing total over 70,000, increasing by 20,000 in a month, with further increase feared – MHWL
  • Number of oath-declared couples breaks 100 in Yokohama City’s partnership system
  • “Longest since the war” no more: economic expansion shorter than thought
  • “M/F” disappearing from application forms as companies move to stop making distinctions based on gender
  • 18.2% increase in number of new job seekers: June 2020 shows largest rate of increase since statistics have been kept
  • Rate of parental leave taken by men at 7.48%, despite increasing over previous year

And More!

(Translated from Japanese)