Labor Update Bulletin #92 (07/2020)

Aug 15, 2020

In this bulletin…

  • Little progress in use of leave subsidies by those working while pregnant: only 50 applications nationwide in one month;
  • No guideline indicated for increase in minimum wage–first time since 2009;
  • Kyoto City Health Center staff work up to 251 hours overtime during coronavirus spread, with a total of 43 workers over the karoshi line;
  • Settlement over karoshi (overwork death) of Nagasaki doctor in his 30s: 84 days of work in a row, with a monthly average of 177 hours of overtime;
  • More and more nursery-school teachers see pay cuts due to the effects of coronavirus – union demands steps from national government;
  • Shadow of “fake outsourcing” on re-re-outsourced METI work as workers take orders from workplaces they are sent to;
  • 60% of freelancers have no contract – a reality of low pay and long hours;
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)