Labor Update Bulletin #91 (07/2020)

Jul 28, 2020

In this bulletin…

  • Coronavirus bonus on condition of working 10 days or more–MHWL: “be sure to apply”;
  • Expanded eligibility for sustainment benefit (jizokuka kyufukin);
  • Amount of workers’ accident compensation benefits to be calculated by adding up “wages from all workplaces”;
  • Funding and benefits for those off work due to closings in response to COVID-19;
  • 56% of part-timers off work because of coronavirus go unpaid – “a blow to livelihoods”, says private survey;
  • “Overtime pay” a fixed amount, even over the karoshi line? Vending machine refillers sue company for ¥24 million;
  • Company ordered to pay compensation for distributing ethnic hate documents at work;
  • “Pawahara” consultations number over 87,000 last year, a new high record;
  • Welfare applications up 13.5%: main cities in 13 “prefectures of special caution” in April-May;
  • Tankan survey shows business confidence at lowest level since Lehman Shock;
  • Over 30,000 firings and dismissals nationwide due to coronavirus since May;
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)