The New Deal for ALTs Second Wave Survey is Live!

Mar 3, 2024

In the realm of English language education in Japan, Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) play a pivotal role, yet their working conditions often go unnoticed. The “New Deal for ALTs” campaign aims to change that narrative by advocating for tangible improvements and highlighting the challenges faced by ALTs across the country. 

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At the forefront of this campaign is our commitment to data-driven advocacy. Through comprehensive national surveys, we’ve gathered valuable insights into the working conditions of ALTs, shedding light on issues that demand urgent attention. From precarious employment contracts to wage disparities, our research has underscored the need for systemic change. 

Building upon the momentum of our past efforts, we’re now entering the second wave of our survey initiative. This phase will delve deeper into the educational challenges within the ALT field, particularly focusing on the complexities of team teaching. By gathering the correct information and engaging stakeholders, we aim to drive meaningful conversations and advocate for practical solutions. 

Central to our mission is the goal of enhancing English education for students. We envision a future where properly supported and trained ALTs contribute to a higher quality of education, enriching the learning experience for all. This vision includes ambitious objectives such as ending dispatch in public schools, removing limits on JET teachers, and establishing a national ALT system. 

Dispatched? JET? Direct Hire? Take the 2nd Wave Survey

However, achieving these goals requires collective action and unwavering commitment. Our recent study, the “All Japan Board of Education Survey,” provides a comprehensive analysis of ALT employment trends and highlights critical issues that demand immediate attention. From the legality of outsourcing contracts to wage disparities among ALTs, our findings underscore the urgency of reform. 

We will be calling upon policymakers, educators, and the wider community to join us in advocating for change. Together, we can reshape the landscape of ALTs in Japan, ensuring fair treatment, equal opportunities, and a brighter future for all. 

Join us in our mission to change the face of ALTs and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive educational system: