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As of late 2022, Japan’s inflation rate is over 3%. By contrast, the average annual rise in workers’ wages for 2022 has been 1.7%. That instantly illustrates the problem faced by workers in Japan; but compounding that is the fact that most workers in Japan’s private language education companies have had little to no change in their salary – in some cases, for years!

Companies in other industries are responding: retailers, IT companies, and others are divvying out “inflation-relief bonuses” as relief from the rising cost of living as a temporary measure to protect their employees’ livelihoods.

It is time that companies in the language education industry show the same level of concern and respect to their workers. After all, language education is a people-based industry; and if the people who work for your company are struggling, your main product will suffer.

Therefore, this petition is an extremely reasonable request to all of the top companies in the private language education industry: provide your workers with a one-time inflation-relief bonus of 1.3% of their annual income (i.e. inflation (3%) minus annual average salary growth (1.7%)) to cope with these hard financial times.

This is a smaller-than-appropriate request since wages are currently stagnant in the industry, so we believe it is undeniable unless companies are eager to look bad.

We ask you to sign the petition below, confirming that General Union may contact your company to tell them “workers deserve relief now!”

Visit the Campaign Website and Sign the Petition