Sign the Petition to Raise the Minimum Wage to 1500 Yen

Mar 8, 2024 ,

NUGW (National Union of General Workers) has created a petition to the Central Minimum Wage Council asking for an immediate increase of the minimum wage to 1500 yen an hour. The General Union is proud to share this petition with its members, family, and friends. We hope you take one minute to sign the petition.

Sign the Petition

As prices continue to rise, families continue to struggle, even when working full time. At the current minimum wage rate of 1004 yen, even when working full time, annual income is only slightly more than 2 million yen. If the hourly wage becomes 1500 yen, annual incomes can exceed 3 million yen, and the working poor will finally have the chance to escape poverty.

This petition demands:  

  1. Immediately set the hourly minimum wage at 1,500 yen.
  2. Establish a system for a uniform minimum wage across all prefectures.
  3. The Standing Committee on the Minimum Wage meetings should be fully open to the public

If you would like to read the petition in full, you can read it here in English, and here in Japanese. 

We hope you take 1 minute to sign the petition, and share it with your family and friends. 

Sign the Petition