Osaka University Trial Begins July 10 – Witness Examination Starts

Jun 16, 2024

Join Us in Supporting Our Union Members!

In 2021, two dedicated union members who had served as part-time lecturers at Osaka University for many years applied for indefinite-term employment contracts under the Labor Contract Law. Shamefully, Osaka University unjustly rejected their application, claiming these individuals were “independent contractors, not workers.” Even during collective bargaining, the university would not change its stance and completely ignored our members’ legitimate demands.

Faced with this illegal treatment, our two members, fully supported by the union, decided to take a stand. On August 31, 2022, they filed a lawsuit against Osaka University, seeking confirmation of their status as “indefinite-term contract workers.” Our union is unwavering in its commitment to this critical fight.

Starting July 10, witness examination will be conducted in English. This is an opportunity for our members who may not understand Japanese to follow the trial proceedings. We encourage everyone to attend and show their support. By being present and engaged, you can help amplify our collective voice and strengthen our cause.

The outcome of this trial is crucial not only for our members but also for part-time lecturers across all universities. Similar lawsuits are being pursued, and our legal team is working diligently, sharing information and thoroughly challenging the university’s weak arguments.

In the courtroom, our plaintiffs have consistently demonstrated, based on their actual working conditions, that they are indeed “workers.” In contrast, the university’s counterarguments have been vague and logically flawed. The progress of the trial so far gives us a strong sense of confidence in achieving a favorable outcome.

Despite Osaka University’s illogical stance, our union remains resolute. We pledge to continue this fight until the very end, ensuring the protection of our members’ rights and status. We call on all union members to join this vital labor dispute. Your participation and solidarity are key to our success.

Join us in this important battle. Together, we will secure justice and better working conditions for all!