Labor Update Bulletin #131 (1/2022)

Jan 28, 2022

In this bulletin...

  • TO BUSINESS OWNERS–The term of the special exception revisions to Standard Monthly Remuneration amounts for Health Insurance and Pension premiums, in case remuneration has decreased substantially from business closings due to the effects of COVID-19, has been extended: Japan Pension Agency
  • Large-scale strike by teachers in France, protesting government’s COVID response
  • Vietnamese technical intern “assaulted continuously for two years”: worked in Okayama, the supervisory agency investigates
  • Compensation granted for Astellas employee suicide: overtime work and scoldings caused depression
  • Cabin attendants who were fired are granted switch to unlimited-term: District Court says training period is limited-term employment
  • World COVID infections top 300 million: the spread of Omicron variant sends case numbers skyrocketing
  • Labor union membership estimated at 16.9%: long-term downward trend continues
  • ILO predicts “total hours worked worldwide not to return to pre-pandemic level”
  • Keidanren encourages “distribution” by raising wages: Shunto policy agrees with the government
  • End of the pandemic “still far” says WHO
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)