Labor Update Bulletin #130 (1/2022)

Jan 12, 2022

In this bulletin…

  • “In Regard to System Revisions in Accordance with Amendments to Health Insurance Act, Etc. (Disability Benefit, Voluntary Continuation, Lump-Sum Childbirth Benefit)” — National Health Insurance Association
  • Government’s “Summary of Tax System Amendments for Fiscal Year Reiwa 4 [2022]” Dec. 24, 2021 — Finance Ministry
  • Teachers’ overtime unpaid under invalid labor agreement: school apologizes after receiving citation
  • Illegal to refuse unlimited-term contract after five years: Tokyo District Court verdict in case of Senshu U. language teacher
  • Over \200 million in unpaid overtime at Mie U. schools; two principals take responsibility and resign
  • Japan Post, after verdict finds disparities, proposes “cutting paid holidays for full-timers”
  • When getting vaccinated, “foreign nationals without status of residence” do not need to be reported; municipalities divided
  • 46 prefectures remove “sex” field from application forms: all except Tokyo, public high schools
  • Wealthiest 1% possess nearly 40% of world’s wealth: French research group
  • Ebetsu, Hokkaido, to introduce “partner system” within the year; second in the prefecture, after Sapporo


  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)