Labor Update Bulletin #129 (12/2021)

Dec 29, 2021

In this bulletin…

  • Reiwa 3 [2021] supplementary budget passes: general account expenditure a new record of \35 trillion
  • Employment insurance premiums to be raised to 0.6% next October: gov’t.
  • In Regard to the Amended Family and Child Care Leave Act (MHWL)
  • Record-setting \107 trillion budget proposal for next year decided by Cabinet: 34% of revenue is debt
  • 160 lawyers across country form network to reform Immigration Bureau
  • Amagasaki city government official who confessed sexual orientation told by bosses that “coming out to citizens is inappropriate”, resigns in despair: “shocked that they condone the lack of understanding”
  • Teachers’ overtime work averages more than “karoshi line”, some have “zero-minute breaks”: Nikkyoso
  • Work injury recognized even under karoshi line: LSIO revises decision, considers late-night work etc.
  • Number of union members down for first time in seven years; part-timers decrease for first time: MHWL
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)