Osaka, General Union Joins March Against Police Repression

Dec 20, 2021

Sunday, December 12th, representatives of the General Union were proud to participate in an Osaka rally to condemn police repression of labor union activists.

Rentai Union Kan-Nama Branch (All-Japan Construction and Transport Workers’ Solidarity Union, Kansai Regional Ready-Mix Concrete Branch) has been subjected to an unprecedented crackdown by prefectural police in Osaka and Shiga Prefectures. Many of our fellow members have been arrested and re-arrested.

The General Union’s members met at Horie Park in Osaka to join up with several labor unions and other organizations – approximately 400 to 500 workers, children, and other friends and family. The day’s event was inaugurated with a passionate concert in support of imprisoned activists.

Afterward, participants marched through busy downtown Osaka at peak shopping hours, flanked by a speaker van and activists snapping pictures of the event! Afterward, organizers and participants stuck around downtown for greetings, thanks, and a few beers.

A big thanks goes out to General Union members able to attend, and we hope to see many of you – yes, you! – at similar events in the future!