Just in Time for Summer – Vaccination Roll Out

Jun 30, 2021 , , , , , ,

Two months ago, in response to the state of emergency, the General Union issued a letter of inquiry to Japan’s six largest private English teaching companies (Aeon, NOVA, GABA, Shane, ECC, and Berlitz) asking them how they were going to protect the safety of their workers. Their responses were half-cooked at best, but we continued to fight to protect our members and win important concessions across Japan.

Now that Covid-19 vaccines are going live in Japan in time for barbecue season, we are grilling the nation’s largest, most profitable eikaiwas about their vaccine plans. The General Union firmly believes that every worker is entitled to a vaccine free of charge and that they should NOT be put in hot water for choosing to get their jab and play a role in the fight against Covid-19. We will report to you on companies’ responses; but rest assured, the GU is ready to turn the heat up on companies this summer for your health!