Labor Update Bulletin #108 (03/2021)

Mar 24, 2021

In this bulletin…

  • Expanded health and pension insurance eligibility for short-hours workers starting in October of Reiwa 4
  • Free job training, maximum ¥100,000 benefit for those with monthly income under ¥120,000: MHWL
  • “Manual to promote Employment Until 70”: Elderly and Disabled Jobseekers’ Support Agency
  • “In Regard to the Treatment of Non-Regular Workers at Large Companies by the Leave-Support Fund and Benefit” — MHWL
  • Latest “COVID-19 Special Exemption for Employment Adjustment Subsidies”
  • Proposal decided on for men’s childcare leave: taking two two-week breaks, etc.
  • Parents who took time off due to school closings to receive subsidies by applying on their own
  • MHWL proposes new guidelines for remote work: different treatment for non-regulars banned, measures to prevent over-long hours
  • Charges filed against president of bankrupt department store for failing to pay allowances in lieu of notice when dismissing employees
  • Charges filed against Takenaka Corp. for fake outsourcing
  • “No improvement even after LSIO investigation”: complaint claims ¥790,000 of unpaid overtime
  • “Maternity harassment” against nursery teacher acknowledged, dismissal ruled void–Tokyo Superior Court
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)