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This is what I (a member of the General Union) asked myself when I worked there.

For the past couple of years, the union has been dealing with one primary issue at this ALT dispatch company: the delayed payment of wages.

For me it started like this. Just before my salary was due, I received an email from the company director claiming that they had some vague banking problems that were causing delays. Have you ever heard of something like this before? To me it sounded like something else…

After a couple of weeks, the problem was solved. However, when the next month came around, it was the same thing again.

As the non-payment of wages became a constant issue, it because clear that the “banking problems” were actually something much larger – a lack of money in their account to pay their employees with, which they were waiting on loans to cover.

A lot of sirens go off when you hear an employer talk about loans to pay their employees – especially when the company has guaranteed contracts with boards of education.

Therefore, together with coworkers who also saw fit to join the union, we successfully fought for members to be paid on time. A year has come and gone since those “banking problems”, but now complaints are rolling in once again. However, now the wage delays are not “just” a week or two, but often over a month. People are struggling to pay bills.

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The union cannot just let this go on.  We know of at least one board of education that was aware of the non-payment issue last year and yet STILL gave the contract to them this year. This was irresponsible. The union will now have to put pressure on the boards that contract the positions out to NPO GLAD to take responsibility for their choice of NPO GLAD. 

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If you are having issues with your pay at NPO GLAD / NPO GLOBAL, please make sure to let us know by submitting a consultation request.