3 Student Lessons – Brought To You By The NOVA Branch Strikers

Aug 18, 2020 ,

After a 100 lesson strike on August 1st, and a 150+ lesson strike on August 8th, NOVA has finally made some worthwhile concessions to the union members.

The union has received notice that lessons for adults will be reduced to a maximum of three adult students from August 16th, and kids classes will be reduced to 5 children from October 1st.

This will go a long way, along with other measures, to reduce the risk of the virus.

The union will also be submitting new demands to improve social distancing for union members.

Not only that, but this was achieved with only 35 people going on strike!

In addition, two of the members who were striking had previously been given a notice of contract non-renewals, and had the very same notices withdrawn DURING the strikes.

People often think NOVA can’t be changed; that even trying is futile.

However, as these strikes and our stalwart members have proven, that’s just not true at all.

There is power in numbers, so why not join us to continue improving safety in the schools, and lend your voice to our fight for full-pay between lessons and health and pension rights.