Labor Update Bulletin #85 (04/2020)

May 3, 2020

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In this bulletin…

  • “About Delivery of the Q&A Relating to the Reopening, etc., of Educational Activities in Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and Special Needs Schools Responding to Novel Coronavirus Disease (as of April 15)”;
  • Bill to start pension at 75: Diet deliberation starts on the 14th, even amid “state of emergency”;
  • Q&A Regarding Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (Concerning Worker Dispatch)” – MHWL;
  • “Concerning the Situation for Starting the New School Term in Regard to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Measures” as of 21:30, April 10, 2020–MEXT;
  • Government hurries coordination of concrete system planning to distribute across-the-board ¥100,000 payments;
  • “State of emergency” extended to whole country; 13 prefectures under “special caution”;
  • Insurance examiner overrules LSIO decision, grants compensation for overwork suicide;
  • Prospective employee kills self because of harassment: Panasonic subsidiary admits “excessive”;
  • Drivers demand withdrawal of mass firings at Tokyo taxi company;
  • “Hazard pay” for doctors: union sends demands to MHWL;
  • Hazard pay for nurses: Japanese Nursing Association submits demand;
  • World has 6 million fewer nurses than needed: WHO report;
  • “When This Happens: What Support Systems Are There?”;

And more!

(Translated from Japanese)