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To set up automatic monthly payments at SMBC Bank, pick up the form below at the teller window of your bank and follow the template to fill it out.

To make a one-time “furikomi” payment from an SMBC Bank ATM, use the information below:

General Union’s account details:

BranchTemmabashi Branch (天満橋支店)
Account NumberRegular Account (普通口座) 1413656
Account NameGeneral Union 

How to Pay With SMBC Online – Free

One time domestic transfer on smartphone app:

  1. Install the App on your phone – You will need your pin number
  2. Touch the “振込” button on the bottom middle of the app
  3. Click “振込” again
  4. Select “新し振込先”
  5. Select “三井住友銀行”
  6. Type in the branch of SMBC the Union uses: 天満橋支店
  7. Select “普通” and then type in the bank account number
  8. Scroll down to 振込金額 and type in your dues amount
  9. Press the big green button on the bottom of the page to confirm. It says “振込内容の確認”
  10. There is another big green button on the bottom of the page that says “振込実行”. Press it.
  11. Finished! This page is your receipt

After your register this address, next time you can select 過去の振込先に振込 to make a payment.