Osaka University: Trial Begins Monday, 17 October

Oct 9, 2022

General Union members at Osaka University have filed a lawsuit against the university demanding that Osaka University accept the General Union members’ application for unlimited term contracts under the Labour Contract Law.

Both General Union members have worked at Osaka university for far more than the five years the Labour Contract Law says employees must work before being eligible to apply for an unlimited term contract. The university argues that until this year, neither member was an actual employee, so the law does not apply to them.

Behaving like a black company, Osaka University is camouflaging contracts to avoid its responsibilities and ethical duties and by doing so it, is not only causing serious problems for hundreds, possibly thousands, of its employees, but it is also tarnishing its reputation and bringing shame on itself.

The union tried to negotiate a settlement with the university, but the university insists on continuing with this blatant attempt to evade the Labour Contract Law. A victory in this case will help hundreds of part-time workers in the education field.

You can support your fellow workers by:

  • Attending the first trial date set for Monday, 17 October from 16:00 (meet at Yodoyabashi Station at 15:15 to get there in time and get seated). Click here to sign up to attend.
  • Downloading the bilingual leaflet and passing it along to your friends.
  • Send this story to a friend (here’s the link).
  • Post to social media by using the social media buttons above.

 You can read and watch more about our court case by going here.