Labour Update Bulletin #178

Nov 23, 2023

This bulletin contains information on law changes that have either passed, or are being discussed, in parliament, court decisions, and other labor issues in Japan that are of interest to activists.

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In this bulletin:

  • Size of economic stimulus package to be 37.4 trillion: Cabinet decision
  • “Report of the Review Meeting Concerning Health and Safety Measures for Independent Business Operators, Etc.” Oct. 27, 2023, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor (MHWL) Labor Standards Office Health and Safety Division
  • Yamato drivers seek relief over ending of outsourcing contracts
  • Victory declared in U.S. auto union strike: 25% raises, agreements with all 3 major companies
  • Nurses at Sapporo hospital say “changing clothes is work time”: soon to strike for back-pay
  • When they lose a spouse to a work accident, only men have a limit on their survivor benefits: “unconstitutional” according to soon-to-be-filed lawsuit
  • Waseda, Keio, and other private universities raising tuition: inflation a reason
  • Large companies spend proportionally less on labor than ever in the past 50 years: labor distribution rate

And more!!

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