Labour Update Bulletin #161

Mar 28, 2023

This bulletin contains information on law changes that have either passed, or are being discussed, in parliament, court decisions, and other labor issues in Japan that are of interest to activists.

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In this bulletin:

  • Revision plan announced for medical costs and healthcare system after COVID-19 changed to Category 5
  • “Period of Strengthened Equal-Pay-for-Equal-Work Efforts, to Raise Wages for Workers in Non-Regular Employment (3/15-5/31)” Mar. 15, 2023 – MHWL
  • Union formed for first time at Google’s Japanese subsidiary; some employees receive email urging early retirement
  • 1.28 million people demonstrate against pension reform in France; largest protest of the six so far
  • Drivers’ standby time wage suit: judgement against Sasebo Bus upheld, appeal rejected
  • Patagonia’s Japanese branch refuses mail for union rep; complaint to be filed
  • Disparity with full-timers is “unreasonable”: Nitto Denko ordered to pay compensation
  • Gender disparity in Japan worst of all developed countries: World Bank ranks it 104th, falling behind in the workplace category; no law to punish workplace sexual harassment
  • Shunto wage demands top 4% for first time in 25 years: average demand of 2,614 unions, as counted by RENGO
  • Real wages down 4.1% in January, inflation causes biggest drop in 8 years, 8 months: Monthly Labor Statistics
  • “Role and influence of women in the workforce”: Japan ranks second-worst – U.K. magazine
  • Facebook parent company Meta cuts 10,000 more jobs for “efficiency”
  • Aeon to give part-timers equal treatment with full-timers: floor managers’ base pay, retirement
  • “Persecuted for homosexuality”: Osaka District Court orders Ugandan woman be granted refugee status

And more!!

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