Inflation is on the rise!

Sep 29, 2023 ,

The cost of basic necessities is rising at an unprecedented level, hitting the pockets of every consumer. From paper towels to petrol, we all feel the effects of inflation and shrinkflation, as we spend more to consume less.

The government is encouraging companies to raise salaries as a matter of ‘social responsibility’ – and companies have responded by raising salaries to meet the cost of living.

What about Berlitz?

Inflation, coupled with the rising cost of living, leads even long-term employees with already unfairly low salaries to struggle to support their families. Meanwhile, Berlitz School of Languages has yet to increase salaries despite repeated discussions with unionized employees.

Berlitz instructors support the economy of Japan by training workers to compete in the global marketplace. Why should our instructors, as they build Japan’s future, face hardships at home? Their voices, heard across the country, reflect the urgent need for fairness amidst inflation.

Berlitz employees, join the fight!

Berlitz members are working to raise awareness of this ongoing issue to the general public, but the more employees there are showing the company how important fair wages are, the better! Join the union, and support the ongoing battle for wage rises in language schools!