Join us in Court to Support Union Members Fighting for Justice!

Jul 12, 2023 ,

Kick Off Summer Break by Coming Out to Support Union Members in Court: 27 July & 7 August – Osaka District Court

Mark your calendars and stand in solidarity with our fellow union members in their legal battles for fair treatment and job security. We have two crucial court dates approaching, and your presence can make a significant difference in the pursuit of justice.

On 27 July at 10:30, the Osaka District Court will hear the case against Osaka University. Our two plaintiffs are challenging the university’s denial of unlimited term contracts and recognition of part-time teachers as employees. By attending this court hearing, you will send a powerful message that we will not tolerate the denial of fair rights and demand equal treatment for all.

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The fight continues on 8 August at 11:00 at the same court, as we take on Jikei Group’s International Learning Centre (ILC). Our member has faced unjust dismissal and denial of contract renewal, hindering their chance to apply for an unlimited term contract, which is protected by the Labour Contract Law. We are demanding the member’s continued employment and the payment of all back wages owed.

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The Next Court Date: A Call to Action:

These court cases shed light on the systemic obstacles contract workers face in their quest for job security. We are not only fighting for the rights of our individual members but also challenging the unfair labour practices that affect contract workers nationwide.

Let’s kick off our summer break by standing up for justice and advocating for the rights of our union members. Your presence matters!