Labor Update Bulletin #114 (05/2021)

Jun 20, 2021

In this bulletin…

  • “Regarding Points for Caution When Universities Make Use of Persons on Outsourcing Contracts in Carrying Out Lessons (Information)”, Apr. 8, 2021: University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau, MEXT
  • Three small-business groups explain “requests regarding minimum wage” to HWL Minister Tamura
  • Being LGBT “goes against preservation of species”, says LDP Diet Member Yana
  • Employment adjustment subsidy special measures to be maintained: support to businesses in trouble
  • “Forced to get the vaccine”: when nurses refuse, hospitals pressure them to sign resignations–series of labor consultations about vaccination (Hyogo)
  • Part-time lecturers switched to direct employment at Kagawa U.–outsourcing contract issue reconsidered in April
  • Concluding arguments in Saitama teacher’s lawsuit: teacher calls for labor law compliance, saying “a teacher is a person, too”
  • “Something wrong” with special enrolment in workers’ comp. insurance, says Uber union, expressing opposition
  • “Avoid eating with foreigners” says health centre in public information document on disease prevention
  • One in four men face harassment for taking paternity leave; four in ten give up after interference from bosses
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)