Hands Off! Don’t touch our Koma!

May 6, 2021 ,

Union launches campaign for NO REDUCTION in 2022 koma!

Every year since 2011, about this time of year the union begins thinking about our members’ koma in the next year and how to prevent them from being reduced.

This is because we decided that the best way to prevent cuts in koma is not to wait till they are lost, but to act first. We do this by surveying members to check which university they want to declare their union membership to as part of our union demands for NO REDUCTION in their next year’s koma. Most universities have reacted very well to this by not cutting union members’ koma.

For example, in the 2020 academic year…

Demands sent to: 37 universities covering 125 member jobs
No koma cuts: 34 universities covering 118 member jobs
Koma cut: 3 universities covering 6 member jobs

This is evidence of how collectively telling universities to keep their “Hands Off Our Koma” works.

This year we are inviting non-members to join in the campaign to together tell universities in unison, “Hands Off Our Koma!”

Let your friends know and send them a copy of our new campaign leaflet outlining our demands for university teachers’ job security.

Join the union at www.generalunion.org/Join-the-GU before 30 June and we can include you in our demands to your university.

Another part of our campaign is to:

  1. Make sure as many university teachers as possible know about their right to an unlimited term contract and to exercise this right by making an application.
  2. Find out about universities that have put up barriers to unlimited term contract applications through contract renewal limits (e.g. Osaka International University), application of the ten-year exception (e.g. Kyoto Tachibana University), or both (Doshisha University & Doshisha Women’s University), and to make direct demands that they stop these measures that reduce job security.

Together we can make a massive impact on job security in universities, especially for part timers. This involves you being willing to openly say “Hands Off Our Koma” to your university. Taking a stand, participating in the campaign, being public about your union membership; these are all ways to let your boss know that you are serious about job security for yourself and your colleagues.