Labor Update Bulletin #103 (12/2020)

Jan 14, 2021

In this bulletin…

  • Childcare leave to be made available to part-timers with less than a year on the job; paternity leave to be able to be taken in parts
  • LDP Diet caucus asks government for “rethinking of the minimum wage system
  • Draft budget for next year balloons with coronavirus measures
  • Contracts with freelancers to be covered by the Anti-Monopoly Act: Fair Trade Commission and MHWL announce proposed policy to protect freelancers
  • Osaka Metro employee commits suicide after boss demanded he shave his head and told him “die”
  • Children’s Hall staff insist “Kyoto City commits an unfair labor practice”: refuses same bargaining that has gone on for 30 years, complaint filed
  • Unionization rate rises for first time in 11 years, progress made in enrolling part-timers: 2020 survey
  • And more!