Labor Update Bulletin #100 (11/2020)

Nov 30, 2020

In this bulletin…

  • Employment adjustment subsidy support for transfers to be expanded in order to keep unemployment down while encouraging labor mobility
  • Goal of “30% women in leadership positions” to be postponed up to 10 years
  • MHWL to deliberate new structure for promoting the taking of childcare leave by men
  • Town BoE directs schools to delete records of teachers’ weekend work (club activities etc.) in Hino, Shiga, “to avoid excess overtime”
  • “Overtime and other wages unpaid”: charges filed against Matsuyama University
  • Discrimination against part-timers” suit to be filed: coronavirus impacts non-regular workers, number declines by 800,000
  • Partnership system, five years on: spreads to 60 municipalities nationwide
  • RENGO debates next year’s Shunto plan: “demand wage increases”
  • Audit report for 2019 reveals that ¥29.7 billion of government funds wasted
  • Prefectural high school application forms to eliminate gender: Toyama
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)