Labor Update Bulletin #87 (05/2020)

May 26, 2020

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In this bulletin…

  • Under state of emergency, MEXT sends notice to schools to reopen with staggered attendance;
  • Summary of “Amended Elderly Persons Employment Stability Act” (effective April 1, 2021);
  • “Notice of Special Provisions for Employment Insurance Job-Seekers’ Benefit due to COVID-19” – MHWL;
  • Precarious position of after-school care workers thrown into relief – teachers laid off, parents bewildered;
  • NOVA teachers avoid strike: company to return pay docked for taking days off due to coronavirus;
  • “I’m tired” says the recording he left behind: company worker’s suicide ruled an industrial accident;
  • “Sign here, right now”: constructive dismissal rampant at foreign-affiliated firm? McAfee employee sues to void forced resignation
  • Toshiba decides not to extend closure, reopens with new system of 3 days off a week;

And more!

(Translated from Japanese)