We Denounce this Miscarriage of Justice・不当判決糾弾!!

On May 23, an appeal verdict was heard in the “Osaka #1 Incident” case, in which the Osaka District Court in December of 2017 made an unfair ruling to smash a strike that was carried out by Zennikken Solidarity Union, Kansai Ready-Mix Concrete Branch (Kansai Nama-Kon, or Kan’Nama).

Kan’Nama Branch members and their supporters held a sit-in rally in front of the courthouse starting at 9:30 that morning. With all believing as one that the District Court ruling would of course be overturned on appeal, they waited for the verdict of “not guilty”. However, the ruling handed down by the court, which opened at 11:00, was “appeal rejected”–another unfair verdict. Even the imprisonment or suspended sentences for each defendant were not revisited at all.この日、関生支部と支援は9時30分から裁判所前の公園で座りこみ集会を開催し、1審地裁判決は覆されて当然という意思一致の下、無罪判決を待ち構えていた。しかし、11時に開廷された判決公判で言い渡された判決は「本件各控訴をいずれも棄却する」という不当なもの。各被告人への懲役および執行猶予も全く見直されず。

What makes the injustice of this verdict especially clear is the logic of the court’s reasoning that “tendencies in sentencing can change with the times”. What!? While the law has not changed one bit, you can change standards of sentencing for something as vague and undefined as “the times”? Surely this violates the very principle of the rule of law! By “times” they actually only mean something as baseless as “the spirit of the age”.

In other words, the ruling precisely embodies our current “era”, in which “a union that talks back to those in power, that tries to fight an entire industry, will of course get struck down”.
つ ま り、今 回 の 判 決 は「権力にものを言い、ひとつの産業界全体と闘おうとする労働組合は『削られて』あたりまえ」という今の「時代」をまさに体現するものと言えよう。

The rally participants, together with members of that union, aimed their chants of anger at the courthouse in front of them. The next step is to fight at the Supreme Court. But there are still more trials and Labor Commission hearings going on in relation to this whole series of crackdowns. Of course, we have won many victorious judgments as well. The battle still rages. We will keep on fighting against oppression.
集会参加者は当該労組ともに判決後、怒 りのシュプレヒコールを眼前の裁判所に向かって叩きつけた。次は最高裁の闘いだが、一連の弾圧関連の裁判・労働委はまだまだ数多くおこなわれている。もちろん、これまでに勝利判決・勝利命令も数多くかちとっている。まだまだ闘いはこれからだ。私たちもさらに反弾圧の闘いに取り組んでいきたい。