We are a determined group of 8 indefinite-term instructors at ALC Education committed to improving working conditions and pay-related issues in the face of persistent delaying tactics. We’ve had two years of union experience in collective bargaining, initially with a different union and since August 2021 with GU.

With GU support, we’ve succeeded in:

  • blocking arbitrary changes to the company’s work rules・就業規則の会社による恣意的変更の阻止
  • limiting the scope of the Employee Representative・従業員代表の範囲の限定
  • denying the company’s attempts to issue annual contracts・会社による年間契約締結の拒否

Our demands involve・会社への私たちの現在の要求には以下が含まれています。

  • access to company financial documents・会社の財務関係書類の閲覧
  • consent on privacy issues・個人情報保護に関する同意
  • paid leave reinstatement・有給休暇の復活
  • bonus payments and a salary increase・ボーナスの支給と昇給
  • grievance system・苦情処理システムの確立

Negotiations continue 10 June. 団体交渉は6月10日に継続。