Twice Aichi Pref Uni Has Backed Down Against the GU

Apr 29, 2021

Now it’s Time to Overturn the 20% Pay Cut & Win a Big Pay Rise for Japanese non-regular workers

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Both Japanese and foreign non-regular workers at Aichi Prefectural University have something big in common: Twenty percent (or one-fifth) of your per-koma pay is what binds you together.

APU hopes that that they can use nationality to divide you and keep wages low, our union wants to get you together to improve your working life!

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Last year five General Union members, all non-regular workers at APU applied for an unlimited term contract.

The university first refused stating that they were not eligible until they worked 10 years, but in no time at all, after the union’s intervention, they backed down and granted the unlimited term contracts.

Next, and what affects current non-regular workers right now, was the matter of the 20% pay cut. Our members with unlimited term contracts DID not have a 20% pay cut.

The union argued that the law forbids the worsening of working conditions at the conversion to the unlimited term contract.

First the university refused our logic, and then almost immediately backed down.

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And now back to the situation of foreign and Japanese non-regular workers.

Last year when the 20% pay cut was announced for foreign non-regular workers, the university said that it was doing so in the name of EQUALITY!

Equality you say? What’s equal about a 20% pay cut?

Well, it seems that over many years APU had a discriminatory pay-scale based on nationality with Japanese non-regular workers earning about 20% less than foreign non-regular workers for the same work.

The university took the new “Equal Pay for Equal Work” law that came into effect on 1 April and turned it on its head.   

They saw an opportunity to save a lot of money for themselves whilst claiming they were just following the law.

If APU wants to fix their parity problem then they need to fix it fairly and squarely.

The General Union demands that APU raise the per koma rate for Japanese non-regular workers to the pre-2021 foreign non-regular workers rate and abandons the 2021 pay cut for foreign non-regular workers.

The Labor Ministry have issued a guideline which supports our view:

MHLW Notice No. 430, 28 December 2018: that when an employer resolves, etc. the differences in treatment deemed unreasonable between ordinary workers and Part-Time/Fixed Term Workers and Dispatched Workers, it is basically not desirable to lower the treatment of ordinary workers without an agreement between labor and management.

The General Union demands true parity by bringing everybody up to the same level, not cutting salaries in a cynical bid to save money.

Interested in winning back your dignity along with your money? Join the General Union. Negotiations will start soon.